Thursday, November 21, 2019

Most Recent Paintings

If you need more details on size, frame, medium, price, please do feel free to  contact me.  Some may be going into gallery exhibitions in the near future.  07793 717696

Pittenweem Reflections (60cm sq) - sold

Beers in Paxoi (private commission)

Poolewe Sunset (private commission for Poolewe Beach House)
150 x 100cm

Balemartine Blackhouse, Tiree (available)

Coll (available)

Elie Sunburst (sold)

Iona and Daisies (available)

Scarinish Thistles (sold) 
West Shore, Pittenweem (sold)

Jura and Daisies (acrylic) - AVAILABLE
Crail (sold)

Mums' Night Out (sold)

Rule the World (available)

West Shore, Pittenweem (acrylic) - available

Achmelvich (sold)

Beach Patterns, Achmelvich (sold)

Seaside Flowers, Barra (sold)

Sunshine Rocks, Mellon Udrigle (available)

Western Isles Machair (sold)

Eriskay Breeze (available)

Zephyrs, Iona (SOLD)

Loch Lomond Bluebells (available)

Mellon Udrigle (available)

North Uist Sand Dunes (available)

Paddling at Sandeels (private commission)

Sanna Bay (available)

Seilebost, Harris (available)

View of Crinan (private commission)

Vitamin Sea (sold)

Arran from West Kilbride (private commission)

Atlantic Breakers (sold)

Elie Sunrise (sold)

The Sea (120 x 80cm deep edge canvas)  SOLD

Missy (sold, limited edition prints available)

Vatersay Thistles (available)

Home of Golf (sold, limited edition prints available)

Arisaig Blues and Greens (available in studio)
65 x 55cm

Water's Edge, The Maze Tiree (available in studio)
108 x 77cm in frame

Traigh Mhor, Barra (available in studio)
65 x 55cm

Barra Waves (sold)

Sand Dunes, Traigh Mhor, Barra (sold)
75 x 65cm

Gaggles of Girls (available)
70 x 52cm

Sparkling Inlet, Tiree (available)
75cm sq

St Andrews West Sands (available)
105 x 55cm

Tiree Machair (available)
65 x 55cm

Tobermory (sold)
76cm sq

Pittenweem Harbour (SOLD, prints available)

St Andrews West Sands Colour Study I (available)
44 x 39cm

Boats in Scarinish Harbour, Tiree (for sale.  Prints available)
65 x 55cm

Elie (for sale.  Prints available)
65 x 55cm

Stiarna and Holy Isle (private commission)

Port Charlotte, Islay (sold)
78cm sq

Gott Bay, Tiree (available in studio)
70 x 60cm

Waves on The Maze, Tiree  (SOLD, prints available)

Sun Sets over Arran (sold)
65 x 55cm

Balevullin Bay, Tiree (SOLD prints available)

Gott Bay Reflections, Tiree (SOLD)
65 x 52cm 

Sand Dunes on The Maze, Tiree (SOLD, prints available)

The Maze, Tiree  (SOLD)

Scarinish Harbour, Tiree (SOLD prints available)

Crinan (Available)
75 x 65cm

Crossapol, Tiree (for sale in studio)

Luskentyre (SOLD)

Puffin Nonsense (sold in Thistle Gallery, Glasgow)

Tiree Beach Hut (sold, prints available)

St Monans (SOLD)
65 x 55cm

Loch Rannoch (sold)

Blue Tit on Grey
(Lots of other birds available!)

Loch Lomond Postcard (sold)

Anemones in Square Glass Vase (sold)
36 x 39cm

Staffa (for sale, in studio)
60 x 53cm 

Iona Towards Mull (SOLD)

Cornish Harbour (for sale in studio)
57cm sq